Van der Ende Groep launches powerful new tool to remove pathogens by ultrafiltration from drainwater

WESTLAND, Netherlands: Dutch Van der Ende Group, a leading supplier of water treatment solutions, has recently launched Kathari – an ultrafiltration unit to extract pathogens from drain water, including the dreaded ToBRFV virus.

The Kathari has its origins in the Poseidon sodium extractor, which was developed in response to the Water Framework Directive and its regulations on the discharge of drain water containing plant protection products.

Before this, the build-up of sodium was a major reason for many growers to discharge the drain water. The Poseidon extracts the sodium from drain water, resulting in savings on nutrients and water.

Poseidon consists of multistage filtration, with ultrafiltration as an important stage for removing viruses, bacteria and fungi to prevent fouling in the other filtration stages. The water analyses performed to monitor Poseidon revealed that ultrafiltration is extremely effective in removing viruses, bacteria and fungi.

As a result, the market started to ask whether ultrafiltration could be used to extract pathogens from drain water, partly because of the increasingly prevalent ToBRFV virus.

The Kathari achieves a Log 4 reduction of viruses and fungi and Log 6 reduction of bacteria by means of ultrafiltration using membrane technology. This physically separates the viruses, bacteria and fungi from the drain water. And because ultrafiltration technology is low-energy, economically beneficial (favourable CapEx) and sustainable, it does this in a cost-effective way (low OpEx).

Van der Ende Groep is a family run business, manufacturer, innovator and supplier of water treatment systems, climate solutions and (industrial) filtration technology. For more than 35 years, Van der Ende Groep has been the place to go for pump technology, water and air treatment, control engineering, industrial filtration, technical service provision and much more.

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