US Horticultural Research Institute seeks research proposals

WASHINGTON, USA: The Horticultural Research Institute, the AmericanHort foundation, is actively seeking research proposals for projects that will produce new knowledge and lead to applied advice for the green industry.

Researchers are encouraged to submit proposals for research in the areas of horticultural marketing and consumer purchasing practices, benefits of plants, pest and disease management and control, and sustainable production and environmental resource management. Additional guidelines and information can be found on the Horticultural Research Institute website.

The Horticultural Research Institute is a proud example of how the horticultural industry “puts its money where its mouth is.” HRI is funded by horticultural businesses, organisations, and individuals that make their living in, or in service to, horticulture. Over the last three years alone, HRI has directed over a million dollars to research covering the full range of production, environmental, and business issues critical to ongoing industry success.

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