United Selections and Könst Alstroemeria ink partnership deal

Rosa ‘Speaking Blossoms’.

AALSMEER, Netherlands: Dutch based plant breeders and propagators United Selections and Könst Alstroemeria have officially partnered in their pursuit to meet evolving needs of their clients. The two companies are strengthening their positions in the market by joining forces. At the same time, they both maintain their focus on their specific product(groups). Being both established players in roses, alstroemeria, and zantedeschia, this partnership will foster their strength and market position with their products.

By entering into this partnership with Könst Alstroemeria, United Selections proceeds with developing scale within the sector and her customers/production companies. In addition, the vertical chain integration translates to a horizontal model, whereby production companies grow different products in highly productive countries. This approach allows both companies to respond better to the needs of their clients.

In Kenya, a designated showcase for Könst Alstroemeria varieties will be opened to foster the success of this collaboration. Coming weeks and months, growers in Kenya will have the opportunity to visit and review existing and new varieties at an altitude of 2150m above sea level.

Additionally, through the showhouse, United Selections will aid in the distribution of Alstroemeria plants to different growers in Kenya upon request. However, sales and commercial activities will be executed by Könst Alstroemeria.

This partnership with United Selections will better prepare Könst Alstroemeria for future challenges. As a highly specialized breeding company in alstroemeria and zantedeschia, this cooperation will fortify its presence in several countries through marketing, sales, and production.

For the past year, the two companies have established different ways to complement each other, leading to this partnership. Moving forward, Könst Alstroemeria will start producing high-quality budwood at their facilities in Colombia for the Latin American clients of United Selections.

You will probably find the two companies teaming up in various ways, from participating in one stand in different shows and exhibitions to organising open day events and more.

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