Ukraine government bans the import of fertilizers from Russia

Global Industry Intelligence Centre

THE HAGUE, Netherlands: On June 26, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine published a resolution expanding the list of goods prohibited from being imported to the territory of Ukraine from the Russian Federation. This resolution came into effect on July 1, 2019.

The embargo applies to mineral (nitrogen, potash, phosphate and complex) fertilizers, animal feed, veterinary medicines, vehicles, and other goods. Starting from March 1, 2020 it will be prohibited to import used cars.

Experts opinions differ as for the estimations of possible effect on the Ukrainian agriculture. In this period of the year, agrarians input phosphates and complex fertilizers.

According to the expert of Reform support office Dmytro Kokhan, embargo on imports of potash and phosphate fertilizers from July 1, 2019 would result in their shortage on the Ukrainian market. He believes, Ukraine will not be able to quickly arrange the supply of fertilizers from other countries due to logistical problems within the country. Lack of fertilizer may affect next year’s crop.

On the contrary, Sergei Ruban, Head of Association of Agriculture Chemicals Producers states, that most of suppliers have possibility to arrange import supplies from alternative sources and although the prices for fertilizers will go up, there will be no catastrophe. As for the nitrogen fertilizers, according to Ruban, Ukraine has the capacity to produce for own use.

In 2018, Ukraine produced 30 per cent of the fertilizers that were used. Ukraine has the capacity to produce up to 60% of its demand in fertilizers.

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