Two Dutch start-ups win GreenTech Americas’ Smart Sustainable AgTech Challenge

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands: GreenTech Americas, in association with the Dutch Embassy, the Netherlands Business Support Office and KLM, launched a smart sustainable AgTech Challenge, and it was won by Blue Radix and PATS Indoor Drone Solutions.

The smart sustainable AgTech Challenge is working to make AgTech fit for a sustainable future. The winning start-ups and scale-ups will showcase their innovative and sustainable solutions at GreenTech Americas, held between 27-29 April at the Querétaro Convention Centre in Mexico.

Innovation and knowledge exchange

GreenTech is all about innovation and knowledge exchange. The Smart Sustainable AgTech Challenge will give an extra impulse to the industry and help the growers and breeders with innovative solutions. This Challenge gives young and innovative companies from the Netherlands a direct entrance to the Latin American horticulture market.

And the winners are…

  • PATS Indoor Drone Solutions is developing the next generation of insect control solutions for horticulture. The mission is to help growers control pest problems more sustainable and controlled manner. PATS Indoor Drone Solutions uses bat-like micro drones and smart vision solutions. This way, growers will be able to control pests in their early stage, resulting in reduced crop damages, reduced use of insecticides and saving on labour.
  • Blue Radix takes the customer to the next level and offers beyond human capacity solutions. Algorithms understand the strategy of the grower and perform actions fully autonomously. Only then will the grower be able to increase the span of control and make the company less dependent on the availability of human expertise.


The two winners have won a flight ticket to Mexico and a booth at the show. They can also pitch their innovation or business idea at a timeslot on the GreenTech Stage during one of the three days of the show.

About GreenTech Americas

GreenTech Americas is part of the GreenTech portfolio and focuses on Mexico and the rest of the Americas. The goal is to meet the specific needs of growers, breeders and suppliers. GreenTech Americas enables a greater exchange of knowledge, experiences, and success stories of the horticultural industry in this region. The show is organized by RAI Amsterdam and Tarsus México. Please find more information at

About GreenTech Amsterdam

GreenTech Amsterdam will be held from Tuesday 14 – Thursday 16 June 2022. The exhibition is a global meeting place for all horticultural technology professionals, focusing on the early stages of the horticultural chain and the current issues growers face.

GreenTech is supported by AVAG, the industry association for the greenhouse technology sector in the Netherlands.  For more information, visit


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