Trends and marketing

AALSMEER – Portret Srvaas van der Ven t.b.v. FCI © 2017 Foto: Nils van Houts

“Today companies and organizations run marketing campaigns to increase flower and plant sales. This is good, but the end results of these campaigns are not successful. Instead of causing market growth, they cannibalize each other. Royal FloraHolland thinks the basis for these marketing activities is insufficient. What we need are sectoral assumptions. We’ve created them in Growth Platforms.”

So says Royal FloraHolland’s CCO, Servaas van der Ven, pointing out that worldwide operating brands use similar general assumptions. “Coca-Cola communicates a limited number of messages (for instance, that drinking Coke makes you happy). Somewhere in time this company truth became consumers’ truth. If we could link health or happiness to flowers and plants by repeating the same message time and again, the same truth would materialize.  Since floral communications have a variety of messages, no consumer understands what we are saying as a brand.”

“Every company needs a personal profile in communicating,” Servaas continues. “We do understand that. All we want is consistent, integrated assumptions when someone communicates about flowers and plants. Therefore, we developed these nine platforms. We have already discussed them with customers and sectoral organizations. They agree with our targets. At the next Royal FloraHolland Trade Fair we will visualize our platforms in order to start talks with sector partners about more consistent communication in regards to trends and developments in ornamental products. Together we have to give a consistent message to the market. Royal FloraHolland itself does not communicate to consumers, so we have to work together with our growers and customers.

Nine platforms for growth

Royal FloraHolland has developed nine growth platforms in order to communicate more consistently about flowers and plants. Between 2017 and 2020 RFH sees additional sales opportunities with the first four platforms.

Health & well-being: people live longer and want to live to the max, with a healthy mind in a healthy body. Flowers make you happier and friendlier; plants filter the air you breath. There’s scientific proof that flowers and plants contribute to human health, which could create a unique buying rationale.

Connecting friends: society digitizes and individualizes, thus creating distance between people. But social contacts contribute to happiness. Flowers and plants underline friendship, social and physical contacts. They are tokens of love and affection. Communication should stimulate physical contact with flowers and plants.

Celebrate seasons: every season has its charms and attributes. People like winter flowers when it’s freezing and colour at the break of spring. Seasonals keep consumers from getting bored with ornamental plants. Sales can be stimulated by focusing on the impermanence of the assortment.

Interior: people use their homes not only for living, but also for working and decorating it with love to create a welcoming atmosphere. Through the use of flowers and plants consumers express their personal style in each of their various living spaces.

Colour everyday: flowers and plants always bring joy no matter where you put them. You can’t go wrong with flowers and plants because they contribute to instant happiness.

Express yourself: flowers and plants can always be personalised. Modern, classic, artistic or retro, the assortment is always wide enough and the possibilities are endless.

Gifting: flowers and plants are the perfect gift for any occasion. Giving them means that you’re compassionate. And someone else’s smile will make you happy in return.

Gardening: in any size garden and on any balcony or terrace garden, bedding plants or perennials can be used to express yourself and caress your senses.

Do you remember: people of many cultures value flowers and plants at emotional moments in their lives. They make you happier when you are happy, they support you when you mourn. All of this in a very personal way.

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