Tree grower Luigi Pagliani succeeds Leonardo Capitanio as ANVE president

Left to right outgoing ANVE president Leonardo Capitanio and the newly-elected ANVE president Luigi Pagliani.

MONOPOLI, Italy:  Cupressus and Quercus grower Luigi Pagliani from Perugia has been elected president of ANVE during the association’s Annual General Meeting in Monopoli on 27 May 2022.

Pagliani took up the four-year mandate from former ANVE president, AIPH vice-president, and ornamental plant grower Leonardo Capitanio who previously held the role.

Pagliani is the manager and owner of Ideaverde in Perugia (Umbria). Founded in 1992, the company spans 25ha dedicated to growing Cupressus, Qercus and other Mediterranean ornamental trees and plants such as Lagestroemeria, Prunus lusitanica, Viburnum and Arbutus unedo.

Upon taking his new role, Pagliani paid tribute to outgoing ANVE president Capitanio, thanking him for making significant contributions ANVE and ornamental horticulture in Italy. “His dedication to the sector’s growth and togetherness,  and connecting ANVE to its communities at home and abroad has been inspiring. Capitanio’s achievements at ANVE have left the assocation well-positioned for continued success in building the Grown in Italy brand.”

Pagliani’s election preceded the XIV National Mediterranean Nursery Stock Day, and the Premio Capitanio Awards held at ornamental plant nursery Capitanio in Monopoli/Bari on 28  May 2022.

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