Top five reasons why you should attend Groen-Direkt’s seasonal events

HAZERSWOUDE/BOSKOOP, Netherlands: Dutch based ornamental plant wholesaler Groen-Direkt today announced expanded experiences for its seasonal events, with five additional fairs planned for 2022. Seasonal crops will join the party.

Six weeks after Groen-Direkt wrapped up its Spring Showroom – featuring 5,500 unique batches, new marketing concepts and specimen plants – it has announced five additional seasonal events for 2022. The 2022 seasonal wholesale plant/nursery stock sale events will mark the first time that buyers can experience spring, high season, mid-season, summer and winter with a vast and innovative range of seasonal crops on display.

Top five reasons why you should attend Groen-Direkt’s seasonal showrooms include:

  1. Seasonal plant offer

In addition to 5,500 unique sample batches, the seasonal fairs boast special seasonal products. From the bedding plants and flowering shrubs of the Spring Days to the Christmas trees of the Winter-Christmas Fair – each event will surprise buyers with a special seasonal range of plant products.

  1. Extra opening hours on Monday evening

GROEN-Direkt opens its doors to the large ranges of products presented at its seasonal fairs for extra long hours: fair visitors are offered a warm welcome on the Monday evening too. A great opportunity for garden plant buyers and traders to meet one another.

  1. Concept Plaza

Visitors of the seasonal fairs can also find inspiration in familiar and new concepts: groups of uniform products all sharing the same look offer the option of customised buying – per species or plant, or in small numbers. This year, GROEN-Direkt is introducing no fewer than five new concepts at its Concepts Plaza, including Bamboo, Heuchera, Nature2Nature, Grasses, Shrubs and more than 1,500 different perennials. Very appealing indeed!

  1. Product Promotion Plaza

Besides the Concepts Plaza, each themed fair also features a Product Promotion Plaza, where dozens of growers present their special seasonal ranges – the place to be for a chat with the growers while physically inspecting what they have to offer you.

  1. Trolley fair

Each seasonal fair also includes trolleys stacked with specially selected seasonal products that the fair’s visitors can buy at a discount. The yields of the GREEN Education Fund special offer trolley all go to the GREEN Education Fund – a fund that GROEN-Direkt established in the context of its 25th anniversary to contribute towards its sector’s future by investing in education and knowledge relating to the cultivation of trees and ornamental plants.

Save the date:

  • Spring Days   4 & 5  April
  • High-Season Days   2 & 3   May
  • Mid-Season Days 30 & 31 May
  • Summer Days 20 & 21 June
  • Winter-Christmas Fair   7 & 8   November

Click here for a survey of the dates and times of all the standard and seasonal fairs of 2022.

Professional buyers and traders can visit GROEN-Direkt’s seasonal fairs without an appointment at Noorwegenlaan 37, 2391 PW Hazerswoude, the Netherlands (ITC site). For more information visit  

As the largest green market in Europe, GROEN-Direkt has been bringing together the supply of and demand for garden plants for 25 years. The combination of thirty sample fairs a year and a webshop featuring up-to-date sample photos enables GROEN-Direkt to offer its customers an extremely wide range of seasonal garden plants all the year round. This the company does by working closely together with 500 specialist growers within and far outside the Dutch Boskoop horticultural region. In 2022 GROEN-Direkt became part of Green Retail Events, the organisers of the Plantarium |GROEN-Direkt fair on 24 and 25 August.

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