Are you building a collaborative city for the benefit of people and nature?

AIPH World Green City Awards 2022 call for entries supported by The Nature of Cities.

Collaborative cities that are working to create a liveable environment for both people and nature are invited to enter the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) World Green City Awards 2022, supported by Awards Partner, The Nature of Cities (TNOC).

TNOC is an international platform for transdisciplinary conversation and urban solutions. Almost 750 contributors from around the world have joined to create a network of thought leadership. The ideas of practitioners, scientists, artists, engineers, ecologists, social scientists, architects, designers, landscape architects, planners, activists, urbanists, entrepreneurs, government officials are working to propel a transdisciplinary, participatory, and transformative movement for cities.

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In support of the Awards, David Maddox, Founder and Editor of TNOC and recent panellist at the AIPH 2021 Green City Conference, says:

“Making cities that are better for both people and nature is done through comprehensive greening throughout cities – getting everyone enjoying the benefits of green. Sustainable, resilient, and liveable cities are those that are more comprehensively green, across all neighbourhoods and across all urban sectors.”

With a shared vision to promote transdisciplinary connections for the benefit of nature in cities, AIPH and TNOC encourage entries from cities that can demonstrate how they have integrated vocabulary, goals and values to build a city that is better for all people and nature.

“How green is my city?” David Maddox proposes that as a question that every urban dweller should ask, and every city should demand more of itself by making more of nature’s benefits available to everyone.

“Green cities are good for nature, and they are good for people. And they are good for the Earth. Let’s celebrate the cities that get it done. The AIPH World Green City Awards help us celebrate. Bravo for this critical work”, says David in his inspiring call to action for everyone, in every city.

Tim Briercliffe, Secretary General of AIPH says, “The work of TNOC in connecting people through art, dialogue, and fellowship is inspirational. AIPH values our partnership with TNOC to encourage cities worldwide to commit and share their progress in city greening”.

Hear the discussion with Tim Briercliffe to learn more about David Maddox’s views on transdisciplinary connections in Q&A session 2 at

Entries for the AIPH World Green City Awards are invited from city governments and relevant organisations around the world that promote and support ‘Living Green’ in their plans through six categories: Health and wellbeing, Climate change, Economic recovery and inclusive growth, Biodiversity, Water, and Social cohesion.

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AIPH is grateful to our AIPH World Green City Awards Partners 2022 Biophilic Cities, Cities and Health, Trees For Cities, The Nature of Cities, ICLEI CitiesWithNature and Urban Land Institute. Thank you to our Media Partners FloraCulture International and HostCity.

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