TM Zierpflanzen GmbH saves resources with Circular360 by Pöppelmann TEKU®

LOHNE, Germany:  German horticulture packaging and plastic manufacturer Pöppelmann TEKU® is pleased that wholesale plant grower TM Zierpflanzen GmbH from Mühlhausen has opted for its recyclable Circular360 plant pot range.

Circular360 pots help companies in the horticultural industry to make a commitment to increasing sustainability. This was enough to convince TM Zierpflanzen GmbH from Mühlhausen, whose conversion to recycled plant pots has reaped double the benefits: the new pots enable the plant passport to be attached while also promoting resource conservation thanks to their recyclability.

Recyclable plant pots as a new benchmark

A wide range of resource-saving products by Pöppelmann TEKU® helps companies in the horticultural industry to set a more sustainable example. The TEKU® products, which are grouped into different categories of reusability and recyclability, provide transparent information about the origin of the material used and the recyclability of the products. As part of the company-wide PÖPPELMANN blue® initiative, which combines all activities pursued by the Pöppelmann Group in support of a closed material loop, TEKU® also developed the resource-saving round pots in the Circular360 category. Besides the addition of colourants and additives, the items are made from 100% PCR plastic – in other words, post-consumer recycled material originating from domestic recycling bins, recycling garbage bags or other household recycling collections. Once they are no longer needed, the items are 100% recyclable – and thus close the material loop. The recyclable plant pots are now also available in a range of trendy colours.

TM Zierpflanzen GmbH opts exclusively for recyclable plant pots

The Pöppelmann TEKU® concept has already gained the seal of approval from numerous customers. Among them is TM Zierpflanzen GmbH in Mühlhausen. The company produces some two million plants every year, all of which are sold regionally. “The issue of sustainability is becoming increasingly important in our industry. The decision to go for the pots in the Circular360 category was a quick and easy step in this direction,” says Mike Fischer, production manager at TM Zierpflanzen. The company planned to label its products with the European plant passport, which was to be printed directly onto the pots. This meant it was no longer possible to use the same black plant pots as before, and TM Zierpflanzen set about finding an alternative. At the International Plant Fair (IPM) in Essen, the company came across Pöppelmann TEKU® – and opted for the recyclable round pots from the Circular360 category.

In spring 2020, the company completed its full conversion to the resource-saving alternative – a resounding success, as Mike Fischer explains. “Demand for recycled materials is constantly increasing among our customers. We use our 100 per cent conversion to the recycled Circular360 plant pots in our advertising and have received extremely positive feedback.” The encouragement received by TM Zierpflanzen certainly serves to motivate – Baumschulen Oberdorla, which, like the decorative plant specialist, is part of the TUPAG Group, has also embarked on the sustainable route and now uses Circular360 plant containers for its products, too.

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