The UK’s ornamental horticulture sector comments on the general election result

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DIDCOT, UK: Following the UK’s general election result of December 12th – fantastic for the country’s Conservatives, led by Boris Johnson, but terrible for Labour and Liberal Democrats – James Clark, Director of Policy and Communications at the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) has come with the following statement.

“We welcome the clarity provided by the general election result and look forward to promptly engaging with the new Government and Parliamentarians to make the case for how a strong and vibrant horticulture sector is imperative for the Government to deliver its manifesto pledges. Horticulture makes a hugely important contribution to the economy, alongside the vital role it plays in supporting the wider environment, health and well-being benefits of gardening. We will be advocating the three key themes around the economy, trade and environment, central to our members’ needs, that need to be taken forward in a post Brexit environment.”

The HTA’s three key policy themes and specific ‘asks’ of Government are:

A competitive, productive and growing economy that benefits everyone.

  • Employer taxes and wage floor increases should reflect market conditions
  • Backing a flexible marketplace
  • Horticulture should be better recognised and supported by the Government as an engine of economic growth

Making the best of a post-Brexit world.

  • Championing free and frictionless trade
  • Horticulture needs must be included in immigration policy
  • Plant health and biosecurity needs to remain a high priority

Creating a greener Britain.

  • Climate change and carbon reduction matters
  • Back tree planting, but the detail is crucial
  • A mix of woodland and urban tree planting is needed
  • Plant pots should be included in a consistent local authority recycling system
  • Work with industry on peat reduction
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