The promising future of Container Heroes

New for 2008: With its glossy mahogany/burgundy leaves, compact bushy form and cascading habit, Festival Grassª, the dramatic new cordyline from Anthony Tesselaar Plants, introduces something totally new and desirable to the summer garden, landscape and container plantings. The only basal branching cordyline available, Festival Grass’ long strappy leaves cascade to create a fountain effect, swaying in the slightest of breezes to add movement to the garden. Hardy in USDA zones 8 through 11. In colder areas, it is an option to keep Festival Grass indoors overwinter as a houseplant to gain size season by season, sustaining it for future summer garden use. Festival Grass does quite well indoors, maintaining its glossy look and cascading form, even in winterÕs lower light.

The discerning consumer continues to search for the instant garden within their ‘outdoor room’. The solutions to this are increasingly found in container gardening. This facet of the plant sector is very much in vogue. 

Patio pots and garden planters plus containers for use in courtyard gardens, backyards and even added to larger landscape areas are providing the ideal mix for today’s garden consumer and their busy life style.

Just selling plants is no longer enough to appeal to today’s consumer and the retail plant industry needs to identify consumer preferences and respond innovatively. With the ‘outdoor room’ now an important extension of the house, Tesselaar Plants recognise the importance of catering for the consumer who needs to decorate this space.

Why wouldn’t the consumer want a dramatic container plant display? Minimum maintenance is all that’s required. Selling mixed containers has not previously been a major market focus,  but it is in 2019. The Container Heroes collection from Tesselaar Plants showcases some impressive combinations well suited for that dramatic visual impact.

The mix / suitability and cross promotion of plants in containers is a challenge for the industry but there are some exciting plants like Tropicanna that provide the necessary thrill.  The inclusion of exotic / appealing plants like this (great visual impact combined with low maintenance) make plants like Tropicanna a staple solution for today’s consumer in the market.

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Photo: Festival Burgundy Cordyline with lemon tree in container

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