The Goossens brothers to give the first copy of Dubbel Doel Flora booklet to Royal Lemkes boss

Left to right brothers Jack and Charl Goossens.

AALSMEER, Netherlands: Tomorrow, 3 November, bay laurel growers, and plant repurposing experts Jack and Charl Goossens will hand Royal Lemkes’ boss Michiel de Haan the first copy of the booklet entitled Dubbel Doel Flora – Dual Purpose in Floral. 

It is the first publication that  highlights the importance of plant repurposing in floriculture. It includes the first set of results from 20 flowers and plants that have been investigated and tested as potential candidates for the company’s VARTA programme. This programme focuses on the valorisation of horticultural and agricultural waste.

In the early pandemic, the coronavirus sent the world’s flower and plant markets into freefall with vast amounts of ornamentals being discarded.  The question of how to repurpose them had never been more topical. Plus, initially horticultural businesses in financial distress meant there was a high interest in alternative income streams.

VARTA conducted a feasibility study for 20 flowers and plants – from alstroemeria to chrysanthemum and from Lisianthus to Phalaenopsis- to see if they could meet valorisation criteria. The first set of results is now online.

In their booklet, VARTA researchers not only wanted to share the research facts, but also their enthusiasm when it comes to the valorisation of residual flows from floriculture.

The booklet Includes testimonies of Dutch agriculture minister Carola Schouten, Sjaak van der Tak, chairman of Dutch sector body LTO and ABN AMRO boss Robert Swaak.

Charl Goossens, who with his brother Jack runs bay laurel nursery Gova, is co-founder of Dubbel Doel Flora/VARTA and says,  “Sustainable horticulture generates returns for the world we live in, our environment, our society and the companies active in the sector.  Dubbel Doel Flora hopes to use this book to inspire colleagues to add the return of plant materials to this.”

Arguably the most comprehensive overview of GOVA, VARTA and Dubbel Doel Flora is HERE

What: Jack Goossens will hand first copy of Dubbel Doel Flora booklet

Dates and time:  3 November at 3:30 pm.

Venue: Trade Fair Aalsmeer, Holland House.

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