The future of water: Erfgoed publishes white paper on water use and reuse

MOERKAPELLE, Netherlands: ErfGoed, an international leader in the manufacturing and installation of cultivation floors, has published a new white paper on smart water use in ornamental horticulture.

“Water shapes our horticultural businesses, connects all living things,” says Cor Bremmer, Head of Commerce at ErfGoed, “Our ebb and flow floors guarantees optimum deployment and reuse of water and nutrients. In addition, water silos/basins allow for water being stored and reused. We also can capture water and control runoff during storms to take the stress off the local environment. Thanks to Erfgoed’s water systems, we ensure water reaches the plant a proper way.”

ErfGoed has written an informative white paper interviewing Teake Dijkstra (Cultivation Advisor at Delphy), Corné Verduijn (Water Specialist at ErfGoed) and Cock van Bommel (Manager Business Development at ErfGoed).

The white paper discusses the nursery’s basic elements of good water management. In addition, the reader is given tips on how to optimise water management in the nursery environment.

The white paper can be downloaded for free HERE

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