The 2021 Poinsettia catalogue has arrived!

STUTTGART, Germany: German ornamental plant breeder and propagator Selecta One has just released its 2021 Poinsettia catalogue online. Whether growers are seeking for the ‘tried and tested’ or the coolest and newest’, the catalogue helps them to make informed decisions and keep abreast of the latest product developments in what is the world’s most popular Christmas plant.

Poinsettia ‘Christmas Surprise’

Selecta’s Sortenschau showcase (also featuring the company’s ranges of Bedding Plants & Potted Dianthus and Perennials & Chrysanthemums) enables growers to browse through the company’s entire Poinsettia portfolio. For the new growing season Selecta One offers a great selection with many new varieties.

An absolute highlight is  the relatively new ‘Christmas Univers which has vibrant red bracts that nicely contrast against dark green foliage. Under the right growing conditions and not without the expertise of a grower, this Poinsettia performs well, resulting in a beautiful plant with compact growth habit and excellent shelf life. The plant sleeves well with less bract and branch damage, ultimately allowing for easy shipping. Another promising variety is the new dark-red, medium-vigor plant ‘Christmas Flair’.

Poinsettia Christmas Universe

‘Christmas Surprise’ is a cool new variety in vivid orange. It has a medium-early response time of seven-and-a-half weeks, medium vigour and large bracts, and is suitable for all pot sizes.

‘Like the ears of a mouse’ – thus was born the name and marketing concept for Selecta’s ever-popular Christmas Mouse® with its round bracts. This distinctive Christmas star variety is suitable for different pot sizes – from 6 cm to 14 cm – and has good branching. New for 2021 is Christmas Mouse® Pink


Poinsettia SkyStar

Another variety in a starring role is SkyStar®. The ‘Superstar of Christmas Stars’ – which launched in 2020 – boasts the same starry speckled pattern as Selecta’s multi-award winning NightSky petunias. ‘SkyStar’ stands out for its dark-green foliage, thick, robust, dark-red, V-shaped stems and has a good root system.

The family company Selecta one is a world-leader in breeding, producing and marketing vegetatively propagated ornamental plants. The breeding activities include bedding and balcony plants, Poinsettias, perennials and cut flowers. With 15 production sites and distribution companies in Europe, Africa, Asia and America, the corporate group serves all relevant markets worldwide.

Please visit the Sortenschau showcase here

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