Agapanthus in the spotlight as Patio Plant of the Year

The Agapanthus (or African Lily), with its elegant stems, long green leaves and stately blue or white flowers, has been chosen as the Patio Plant of the Year 2018.

This is an initiative of Bloemenbureau Holland. Every year a media jury consisting of editors of lifestyle, interior and garden magazines, vloggers and bloggers choose, from five candidates, the patio plant that appeals most to the imagination. This places Agapanthus very much in the spotlight for the April & May planting season.

So, what is the best option for a show-stopping Agapanthus display in containers?

Agapanthus are all about the flowers, with the showy flower petals and architectural form of the flower, and Storm™ Agapanthus series provide some of the best options to enrich any terrace garden for today’s gardener as they are selected for their exceptional flowering characteristics, uniformity and appearance – all of which means they will look great in a container on any terrace.

Storm™ Agapanthus are available in a variety of colours: Snow Storm (White), Blue Storm (Lilac Blue), Thunder Storm (variegated foliage), and the newly released Sea Storm which has cobalt blue flowers. All are compact bushes up to 30cm in height with uniform flower stems of approx 45cm above the bush.

Another benefit of the Storm series for terraces is that they are earlier flowering than most other varieties of Agapanthus and they also flower for up to four weeks longer than traditional varieties, thereby extending their show on the terrace.

In essence, Storm Agapanthus deliver more blooming stems, an extended flowering period and a uniform growing profile, all of which ensure they will be a standout on any terrace.  Storm Agapanthus are widely regarded as among the best flowering of all agapanthus.

Plant agency Tesselaar Plants from Australia ensure all  Storm Agapanthus plants considered for commercialisation are put through a rigorous testing and evaluation process in their own trial gardens and testing sites around the world. This is part of their commitment to ensure plant performance meets (or exceeds) expectations and is proven to perform.


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