Tambuzzi becomes the world’s first flower farm to the UN’s Carbon Neutral Now programme

NANYUKI, Kenya: Last year, Tim and Maggie Hobbs proudly announced that their Tambuzzi rose farm on the foot hills of Mount Kenya had become the world’s first company to sign up to the UN’s Carbon Neutral Now programme. The Hobbs are delighted to announce that earlier this year they underwent a full farm audit. The rose farm’s total carbon footprint has been measured and sees a significant reduction.

Admittedly that due to the crazy Covid year and the disruption to  customers, the farm sold less. However, the team behind Tambuzzi are committed to working on keeping their numbers as low as possible in the years ahead.

This year, Tambuzzi has purchased 90 per cent of our carbon credits to support La Pitanga / Weyerhaeuser– a reforestation project in South America. The project lasts for 100 years, covers 18,000 hectares, and is verified by the Rainforest Alliance.

The project is also certified by the FSC (ensuring fair wages) and they have been retired by VERRA who are the World’s largest environmental registry.

The other 10 per cent of carbon credits are retired from the United Nations platform. Each project goes through a strict vetting process and is directly overseen by the United Nations.  Each project involves several stakeholders including the UN, host country national authorities who oversee national implementation, as well as independent auditors. These come from UN Clean Development Mechanism projects and are to support renewable energy projects.

The Hobbs hope that in the years ahead, they will be able to create a consortium of like-minded Kenya farms to create an offset programme for the protection and reforestation of their very own Mount Kenya forest.

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