Takii partners with bloomon and Van Gogh Museum

DE KWAKEL, Netherlands: Japanese breeder Takii, a household name in sunflower breeding, has partnered up on a cross-promotional Sunrich sunflower campaign. At the heart of the campaign are the Flowergram, letterbox sunflowers that perfectly fit through the door.

Flowergram: Sunflower Edition is a carefully composed selection of dried flowers inspired by the works of Vincent van Gogh. With 12 stems all together, the design includes wheat grass, cornflowers, nigella seed heads and of course sunflowers, all of a high quality and dried exclusively for Dutch online flower delivery service bloomon.

The wooden stand can host up to nine dried flowers and invites flower lovers to create a variety of compositions. Packaging and flower card come in the yellow hues of the sunflower.  And because the Flowergram is made to fit through the letterbox, it can be delivered at any time – whether to your home to brighten up your interior or as a gift or thank-you to someone else.

Like many of his contemporaries, Vincent van Gogh delighted in painting flowers. Yet he was one of the few to cast sunflowers as the protagonists in several of his floral compositions. Compared to traditional, darker flower still life paintings, Van Gogh’s Sunflowers are explosions of colour. Also unusual is that he depicted not only flowers in full bloom, but also withered flowers, which he found beautiful in the same way that a weathered face may be beautiful. For Vincent, sunflowers were also especially meaningful as symbols of inspiration, friendship and gratitude

The star of the sunflower campaign is Takii’s Sunrich series which includes nine varieties.  Commenting on the campaign, Harm Custers, Head of Marketing at Takii Europe says, “We are constantly looking for ways to keep the sunflower ‘top of mind’ with the consumer. The sunflower season normally ends now. ‘Sunrich’ sunflowers are extremely suitable for processing as dried flowers. The co-marketing between Takii, Van Gogh Museum and bloomon resulted in the Flowergram Sunflower edition. Dried sunflowers allow us to extend the selling season in a way, addressing the current dried flower trend.”

In this video Lucinda van der Ploeg, flower stylist at bloomon, explains what went into designing the Flowergram Sunflower edition (video in Dutch).

The Flowergram Sunflower edition by bloomon x Van Gogh Museum is available from 22 September in limited quantities at www.bloomon.nl/vangoghmuseum and www.vangoghmuseumshop.com and from 9 October in the shop of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Price: €19.95 (NL) / €24.95 (BE&DE). Personal card with online order (optional): €1.95


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