DE KWAKEL, the Netherlands:  CANNOVA has made quite an impression in Europe over the past summer. The Austrian capital Vienna is again bursting with 80,000 colourful Cannas, and CANNOVA won the ‘Award of Garden Merit’ no fewer than four times in the UK. This is a prestigious award presented by the Royal Horticultural Society. We can continue to enjoy the remarkable Cannas from the plant breeder Takii over the coming months, since CANNOVA continues to flower until the first frost.

Award of Garden Merit

CANNOVA’s success was confirmed in the UK this summer. No fewer than four CANNOVA varieties – Red Shades, Yellow, Rose and Bronze Scarlet – won the Award of Garden Merit (AGM) last month. This is a prestigious British prize that is awarded by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) and which helps consumers to make the right choice when it comes to garden plants. Before winning the award CANNOVA had to complete an extensive testing period whereby CANNOVA proved itself in the northern European climate.

The RHS’s expert jury was also upbeat about the various CANNOVA varieties and awarded the AGM label. Plants qualify for the award if they meet five requirements relating to resistance, availability and lifespan. The AGM label is a recognisable logo for landscape gardeners, garden designers and consumers which is displayed by many British garden centres, nurseries and suppliers.


Residents and visitors in the Austrian capital Vienna have been enjoying 80,000 colourful CANNOVAs for weeks as they brighten up many flowerbeds, roundabouts and parks. After the success of last year, when 80,000 CANNOVA Orange Shades brought colour to the city, the choice was made this year for the CANNOVA Bronze Scarlet variety. The fabulous red flowers bloom early in the season and then continue blooming until the first frost. CANNOVA therefore offers high decorative value that lasts, and CANNOVA is increasingly being chosen by landscape architects and gardeners to add colour to (public) gardens, parks and flowerbeds.

About Takii Seed

Takii Seed is the brand name for all varieties of flowers, plants and vegetable seeds that have been developed for the professional market. Takii Europe B.V. is the European division of Takii & Company. Ltd. in Japan. Takii Europe B.V. is an integrated seed business involved in the breeding, production, processing, sale and marketing of a wide range of flower and vegetable species. The company is the market leader in floriculture with regard to sunflowers, canna and brassica.

More information about the Canna CANNOVA can be found at www.cannova.info

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