Syngenta Flowers explains its newest Viola x wittrockiana F1 Delta Pro in 54 seconds

Plant breeder and propagator Syngenta Flowers uses a 54-second video to explain what it touts as the ‘ultimate highlight of 2023’,  the new Viola x wittrockiana F1 Delta® Pro series. Watch the video HERE

According to Syngenta, their Delta series have undergone a complete overhaul with the newly launched large-flowered Delta® Pro series now being the fastest growing, most programmable and large-flowered pansy series for both spring and autumn production.

Delta Pro can be an interesting option for growers looking for a series with a short production cycle, that fills the pot easily without stretching and does not need a lot of PGRs.

Delta® Pro offers higher level of uniformity, across all core colours plus the most important novelties in one super uniform series.

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