Syngenta Flowers acquires Varinova’s Cyclamen business

ENKHUIZEN, Netherlands: Syngenta announces today, that it has successfully completed the acquisition of Varinova’s Cyclamen business. Dutch-based Varinova is a Cyclamen breeder and grower. The combination of technical expertise and the innovative varieties from Varinova with the market access and world class science of Syngenta allows Syngenta Flowers to strengthen its position in the Cyclamen market. Syngenta Flowers is going to work on bringing new innovation and excitement in Cyclamens.

The acquisition of the Cyclamen business of Varinova is strategic for Syngenta Flowers. Michael Kester, Global Head of Flowers: “Cyclamen is a focus crop for us in which we are determined to grow through a broader portfolio and strong technical support to our growers. Varinova brings the complementary product portfolio and breeding pipeline we were looking for. Our future portfolio is now more complete, more state of the art and offers important features like botrytis resistance.” Kester continues: “The coming months we will take the time to determine our strategy for Cyclamen together with the Varinova-team. We will be ready before the Cyclamen season kicks off.”

This combined offering also leverages best in class technical support from both companies giving growers in different markets a full package of genetics and technical growing support. We have a solution for all circumstances. That way, Syngenta Flowers can tailor the offering to specific needs of each grower. Not only with the genetics, but also with the years of experience in growing Cyclamen that Varinova brings.

Marga Janus and Bart Kuijer, owners of Varinova, are very pleased with this acquisition: “Varinova has a strong name in the market. This step will help bring our breeding program with beautiful Cyclamen genetics to the next level. We look forward to making use of the commercial power of Syngenta. Personally, we are very happy to give Varinova and the people continuity through this acquisition. The team of Syngenta has given us the confidence that this is a good fit, with nice people, short communication lines and a family feeling. We are proud of the Varinova-team and the results we have reached so far.”

Varinova will continue to sell their assortment to their customers. In addition, as of now, Syngenta Flowers customers can order all Cyclamen products through the Syngenta Flowers sales team.

During the FlowerTrials the full Varinova-assortment will be presented along the Syngenta Flowers genetics at the Syngenta Flowers location in De Lier. FlowerTrials will be held from June 11 through June 14.






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