Sustainable Sourcing Scan provides one stop solution for FSI members

AALSMEER, Netherlands: The Dutch Association of Wholesalers in Floricultural Products (VGB) has launched the Sustainable Sourcing Scan. The tool does not only allow FSI members to measure their sustainable purchase using the FSI2025 Basket of Standards. The tool also discloses purchasing broken down by (retail) client in terms of sustainable purchasing performance.

In FSI, growers, wholesale, retail, associations, certification bodies and NGO’s work together to align and mainstream sustainability in global floriculture. The ambition is to have 90 per cent of their internationally traded production sustainable by 2025.

Year on year, FSI’s membership and certified product volumes are expanding.

“In order to achieve the FSI-target of 90 per cent sustainable purchase, we see the Sustainable Sourcing Scan (SSS) as the tool for our members to be able to measure, monitor, and report on this properly”, notes Jeroen Oudheusden, FSI’s Executive Officer.

At the request of FSI, the Floridata Foundation and the Dutch Association of Wholesalers in Floricultural Products (VGB) are now making the SSS-services available to all FSI members, as well as every other trader or retailer to stimulate further supply chain transparency.

Both retailers and international traders can use the high-quality tool, in order to make their sustainable purchase measurable using the FSI2025 Basket of Standards. The new website provides a one stop solution for the international floriculture sector for supply chain collaboration.

Matthijs Mesken, director of the VGB, is pleased with the new website and further roll-out of the service. “As a sector, it is important to have a clear answer to the increasing demand for reliable product and origin information about sustainably grown flowers and plants.”

FSI members that use SSS include Bloomon, Dutch Flower Group, FM Group, Flower Trade Consult, Floral Trade Group, Gasa Group, Hilverda de Boer, Hoorn Bloommasters, Noviflora, Pfitzer, Royal Lemkes, Verdel, Waterdrinker and WBE Group.

With SSS users can disclose purchasing broken down by (retail) client in terms of sustainable purchasing performance. “Every FSI meeting discusses the collective aggregated results from the SSS to monitor where we are in the process towards the 90 per cent sustainable procurement. And then we jointly determine what improvement actions are needed”, says Oudheusden.

The Sustainable Sourcing Scan is part of the Floridata’s services and is facilitated in the Floridata portal. The tool is powered by the product and company coding and certificate register managed by Floricode. VGB owns the tool. “We are pleased that we can now also connect retailers and international traders to the SSS services”, Floridata’s Wesley van den Berg says. He adds, “We look forward to facilitating further closed-chain transparency and collaborations through the tool, in which we also want to encourage breeders, garden centers and florists to use the SSS services”.

For more information visit Sustainable Sourcing Scan

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