Sunflowers to celebrate International Day of Friendship  

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands: Unconditional, laughing together, being there for one another, trust, love without sex. That’s just a selection from the answers to the question: “What does friendship mean to you?”. As part of the International Day of Friendship, Takii and the Van Gogh Museum went out and about with a camera, sunflowers and one key question. The result provides food for thought and can be seen in the new #CelebrateFriendship campaign.

The International Day of Friendship is being celebrated all over the world on July 30 as an initiative by the United Nations. The focus of this day is on friendships between various people, cultures and countries. This helps to remind us that human solidarity is essential in order to achieve lasting peace and progress.

Breeder Takii and the Van Gogh Museum launched the #CelebrateFriendship campaign in Amsterdam on the first day of the summer in June. The partners handed out sunflowers, the flower that plays the leading role in a number of Van Gogh’s iconic masterpieces, and thereby asked the question “What does friendship mean to you?”.

The fact that friendship has a different meaning to every person is shown by the results of a day of interviews in Amsterdam. The moving and funny replies provide food for thought and inspire us to celebrate friends, whatever form that friendship takes. Which is precisely what Takii and the Van Gogh Museum want to achieve with this joint campaign on the International Day of Friendship.

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