Sjaak van Schie implements PackControl packaging registration system

In recent months, PackControl has further developed its new packaging registration system. It did so in close collaboration with Hydrangea grower Sjaak van Schie B.V., which has been using the software since the end of September.

Using PackControl has many advantages. Marcel Vreugdenhil – Logistics Planner at Sjaak van Schie B.V. – explains: “The main reason we use this system is to save time when it comes to the registration of incoming and outgoing container flows. These are mainly Danish containers, or CCs, and their accompanying shelves. In addition, the system contributes to an increased reliability of the registration of our packaging flows. PackControl synchronizes data from external systems of, for example, Royal FloraHolland and internal systems. The system also lets us record agreements made with customers. All together this ensures a more efficient way of working.”

PackControl development

The startup PackControl was developed by people with a background in IT and logistics. Being all too familiar with the challenges involved in packaging registration, the development of a complete solution for packaging management was a logical step. “In recent months, we have been working with customers such as Sjaak van Schie to optimize our system,” says Geert Kuiper, co-founder of PackControl. “We have had a lot of feedback, which we processed step by step. We are happy that we were able to help Sjaak van Schie implement PackControl. Our software is widely applicable, not only at companies in greenhouse horticulture, but wherever reusable load carriers circulate.”

With branches in the Netherlands and Portugal, Sjaak van Schie is one of the larger growers of Hydrangeas. In the Netherlands, cuttings, half-grown and flowering indoor and garden plants are cultivated. The location in Portugal produces both end products and half-grown products for final cultivation in Europe. The company cultivates according to the MPS guidelines for environmentally friendly cultivation.

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