Selecta One adds Moraglia genetics to its portfolio

STUTTGART, Germany: In line with the strategic extension of its product portfolio Selecta one, has establish a long-term cooperation with Moraglia Breeding regarding the breeding of vegetatively propagated cut carnations plus other related species from the Dianthus family.

Selecta one and Moraglia Breeding, jointly announced this week the two companies are entering into a new formal strategic alliance; whereby from all marketable varieties resulting from the Moraglia breeding programme, Selecta One will select varieties for worldwide commercialization under exclusive breeding and license agreements.

Moraglia Breeding, breeder the succesful Dianthus barbatus kiwi mellow; has been dedicated to the genetic improvement and the creation of new varieties of carnations and innovative lines; over the last eighty years in keeping with the local tradition developed in Sanremo, the heart of the “Riviera dei Fiori”.

“The addition of this strategic partner powerfully strengthens our logistics capability; Selecta One brings to the table a long list of skills and expertise including a strong strategy, supply chain and team management; enabling us to increase revenues while reaching new markets. We will continue to do what we love most… breeding new varieties while Selecta one will produce and distribute them using its marketing strategies and distribution channels worldwide; in good cooperation, as happen with our already executed project Barbatus Kiwi collection,”says Carlo Moraglia, CEO and owner of Moraglia Breeding.

André Lek, Selecta cut Flowers’s Product manager, comments, “We see this as a great opportunity to expand and improve our product line, this allows us to work towards a common goal benefiting both. We have a strong team and already can see the promotion and sales of this assortment worldwide as a great success. The arrangement will allow the both businesses to work and focus 100% on the responsibilities each member has already clearly defined.”

The agreement is effective since 01-01-22, from that date on Selecta One will take over URC and Young Plant production in their Kenya/Colombia facilities and distribution by their subsidiary Selecta Cut flowers.

All existing customer and supplier relations will remain untouched from the transaction.

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