Selecta one acquires remaining shares in French subsidiary Challet-Hérault

NUAILLE, France: On January 18, 2019, shareholders of German plant breeder and propagator Selecta one acquired a further 40% of the shares in Aster and Chrysanthemum specialists Challet-Hérault, making the French subsidiary now entirely owned by Selecta one.

Challet-Hérault was started by René Hérault in 1892 in Cholet, France. After the second world war, France, Hérault partnered with Célestin Challet with the aim of creating, producing and promoting excellent potted Chrysanthemum and a wide range of bedding plants.

Working closely together with the German plant breeder Selecta one, selling under the brand name Selecta France S.A.S since 2017, today’s Challet-Hérault is located in Nuaillé and is devoted to producing high quality young plants. They have a committed team of 46 full time employees.

Operating from a 12ha location, Challet-Hérault has 4 ha of greenhouses. Production consists of around 30 million plug plants annually. City councils make up 50% of their customer base. Challet-Hérault has a wide range of every type of annual and perennial with potted Chrysanthemum (Melissa, Yooky, Bahia, Orchestra, Bella, Pipa, Qanuk, Colombine, Sunset and Frou-Frou series) Poinsettia and Aster (Astral series) being their flagship products. According to unofficial data, France’s potted Chrysanthemum production covers an area of 5000-6000ha and amounts to 23-25 million plants per year.

Selecta one highlights, with this acquisition, the continuation of the long and happy history of Challet-Hérault as a breeder and Chrysanthemum propagator. Jean Pierre Challet will remain at the disposal of Selecta France with his experience as a consultant for the selection and development of the assortment of Chrysanthemums.

After integration into the Selecta one group and a year of reorganizing the sales sector, Managing Director, Damien Chevrollier, can focus fully on the development of the French market and the satisfaction of his customers.

The focus is on the quality of Selecta’s broad range of products as well as the strong service orientation and advisory service for French customers. The strong market position of Chrysanthemum will be strengthened and new promising varieties of Selecta one will be introduced. The Chrysanthemum range represents an important base for global expansion.

The family company Selecta one is a world-leader in breeding, producing and marketing vegetatively propagated ornamental plants. The breeding activities include bedding and balcony plants, poinsettias, perennials and cut flowers. With eleven production sites and distribution companies in Europe, Africa, Asia and America, the corporate group serves all relevant markets worldwide. Quality and sustainability are key concepts for innovations in the product and marketing sector, whilst responsibility and reliability are their basic principles for dealings with customers, members of staff and the environment. Selecta one’s commercial objective is to create a green product world and to win over and inspire gardeners, the trade and the end consumer.


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