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STUTTGART, Germany: At the International Trade Center in Boskoop-Hazerswoude at stand number 227, Selecta one presents its pot carnation highlights and the concept Autumn Friends – flower heroes and foliage artists for late summer and autumn – at this year’s Plantarium from 22 to 24 August.

The leading international tree nursery trade fair Plantarium takes place in the end of August 2018 in Boskoop in Holland. Around 300 exhibitors from different countries will present nursery products in pots and containers for the consumer market. The international Trade Center in Hazerswoude-Dorp/Boskoop is the new location of the trade fair Plantarium. Selecta one will show its pot carnation highlights Peach Party, Pink Kisses®, Early Love® and Purple Wedding, its Autumn Friends – mixed plant combinations for late summer and autumn – and a part of its grasses assortment.

Pot carnation highlights

Pink Kisses®

The unique pot carnation Pink Kisses® is the most successful carnation in the Selecta assortment. The variety captivates by excellent cultivation characteristics and it is easy to cultivate in any given pot size. Another advantage is the striking flower shape and its outstanding shelf life. Selecta one markets the pink mini carnation with an attractive marketing concept and since 2017 with the help of a Germany-wide consumer campaign.

In 2018, Selecta one introduced a new generation of individual pot carnations: Peach Party, Purple Wedding and Early Love®. Selecta one supports these varieties with marketing concepts which are used for example for printed pots, posters and banners.

Peach Party – The variety with the unique play of colours – in spring, this variety features a highly attractive, apricot-coloured bloom, which is the perfect complement to the trend for pastel hues. In summer, the variety develops a vivid red eye, creating a glorious contrast between the dark centre of the flower and its lighter-coloured edge. The variety has single, numerous flowers, and is hardy and suitable for any pot size.

Purple Wedding – The variety with incredible flowerage – dozens of flowers and flower buds backed by dark green leaves start to appear very early. The flower comprises three different colours, making this variety a real eye-catcher. This is a hardy variety that grows best in pots measuring up to 12 cm.

Early Love® – The variety with large, double flowers on short stems – growing out in a distinctly rounded form, this variety resembles a bouquet of flowers. Flower shelf life is long-lasting and very good. This is a hardy variety that is suitable for any pot size.

Autumn Friends – Selecta’s mixed pots for late summer and autumn

In line with the trend of convenience and the increasing plant sales in late summer and autumn, Selecta one presents its Autumn Friends. These recommended plant mixes grow from the potting date on as young plants in a combination pot. The tested mixes with Lavender and a wide range of carnations combined with popular late summer and autumn plants ensure long-lasting joy and an attractive appearance from mid-August until the end of November.

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