Schoneveld Breeding celebrates primin-free Primula obconica Touch Me with Open House event

WILP, Netherlands: Dutch-based Schoneveld Breeding hosted an Open House at its premises in Wilp, the Netherlands, in mid-February. Young plant growers and finished plant growers saw a wide range of the company’s iconic Primula obconica Touch Me.

Primula Touch Me Large.

The houseplant Primula obconica Touch Me makes the perfect plant to chase the winter blues away. This primrose occupies pride of place on retail shelves and in florist shops in the late winter and early spring. The plant produces masses of boldly-coloured flowers that rise above mid-green foliage. The leaves are heart-shaped and somewhat resemble crispy romaine lettuce.

The plant is aptly named Touch Me. Contrary to other members of the genus Primula obconica is primin-free and doesn’t cause skin irritation.

Touch Me also stands out for its genetically compact growth habit, sturdy stems, long shelf life, and cheerful flowers.

Primula obconica Touch Me is available in Mini, Midi, and Maxi ranges.

The news is that the exclusive reseller partner agreements for this series have ended, which means this most compact Touch Me is now free available across Europe.

Touch Me Mini

Growers can opt to grow Touch Me Mini in a 9 or 10,5 pot. The plant requires little PGRs and, therefore, perfectly fits the sustainably grown plant offer. Touch Me Mini is available in five bold colours.

Touch Me Midi

Medium-sized Touch Me Midi makes a perfect plant for growing in 10,5 – 12 cm pots. This series is available in eight colours, with an improved Dark Orange truly standing out. Dark Orange features an even more compact growth habit, has a little lighter colour and is even more filled and rounder shaped.

Touch Me Large

Touch Me Large is the beefiest among all Touch Me’s. These plants are suitable for growing in 12 to 15 cm pots. Touch Me Large is available in 10 colours, with an improved Magenta that features more uniform blooms and plant size. Touch Me Large Pink is also improved. This is more uniform and a little more compact in plant shape.


Primula Touch Me Large Galaxy.

True to tradition, Schoneveld Breeding’s Open House event also showcased cultivars with less conventional colours. Touch Me Large Galaxy, for example, stole the show because of its unique mix of purple and white blooms.

Primula Pricanto

Vintage-coloured Primula Pricanto also wowed the trade professionals. Pricanto is primin-free, features tiny flowers and is suitable for growing indoors and outdoors on the patio. Pricanto has the same excellent shelf life as the regular Touch Me. Primula Pricanto is suitable for a 9 to a 12-centimetre pot and is available in three colours.

Schoneveld Breeding’s Open House event combined a commercial and more technical side-by-side comparison trial.

Primula Pricanto.

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