Royal Van Zanten announces strategic partnership deal with spray rose breeder Interplant in East Africa

RIJSENHOUT, Netherlands: Royal Van Zanten (RVZ) announced today a partnership with spray rose breeder Interplant. The deal will help growers in East Africa acces  RVZ’s impressive portfolio of Alstroemeria, Statice, Chrysanthemum and Limonium. Interplant has a long connection with East Africa and its testing facilities annex showcase in Kenya will now also serve to trial RVZ blooms.

“We actively seek collaboration with partners in the value chain. The partnership with Interplant strengthens our activities in East Africa and our services to growers in this region,” says Royal Van Zanten’s Commercial Director, Rick Kroon. “There is an abundance of flower farms near Lake Naivasha in Kenya.”

“We value shared know-how and a close relationship with our customers. In turn, they benefit from a larger choice in high quality varieties. The partnership with Royal Van Zanten will grow our portfolio and our expertise,” confirms Interplant Summerflowers & Seeds CEO,’ Robert Ilsink. ‘The objective is to make strong varieties available for our expanding network of growers.

The two companies both have a long history of successful pioneering in the field of flower and plant breeding.

“We have made it our mission to pass on the passion that has defined Royal Van Zanten since its foundation in 1862. It’s reflected in our flowers and company culture. I am very excited about the opportunity to share our passion and products in new areas of Africa. We look forward to working with Interplant,” Rick Kroon adds.

Chosen for its suitable micro-climate in the flower growing region of Kenya, the test facilities in Naivasha are the heart beating heart of this flower growing area. Because there is an increasing demand on Kenya’s natural resources, care has been taken to recycle much of the water used by the facility that operates mainly on solar energy.

The two companies both have a long history of successful pioneering in the field of flower and plant breeding.

Royal Van Zanten is an international leader in breeding and propagation of cut flowers (Alstroemeria, Charmelia®, Statice, Freesia, Chrysanthemum and Bouvardia) and pot plants (Aster, Alstroemeria, Celosia, Chrysanthemum and Multiflora).

Interplant has been breeding flowers for 60 years and is a prominent (spray) rose breeder.

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