Royal Lemkes and Floréac announce strategic partnership

BLEISWIJK, Netherlands, Lochristi, Belgium: Two highly respected and well-known exporters of plants  have announced a strategic partnership collaboration for the European market.

Royal Lemkes, which is one of Europe’s biggest exporters of plants, and specialist in importing and exporting potted plants Floréac (part of Floré Group) are joining forces in the Netherlands and Belgium to forge Plantify Partners Europe (PPE).

The new relationship is designed to benefit their retail customers in the UK, Switzerland, who will now be able to buy an ever wider range of plants from either company’s sales team. Another advantage of PPE’s highly concentrated supplies of wholesale plants is that it brings skills, back-office operations, and sourcing services together.

Floréac and Royal Lemkes are two healthy family businesses, each possessing a strong and unique identity

A major reason for forging this alliance is that both companies have been important hubs in their respective production regions for a long time. In addition, the two firms are strategically well positioned and possess excellent logistics platforms that enable them to deliver their products reliably throughout Europe.

PPE was established to facilitate this strategic collaboration. With PPE, the two family firms want to create a network of producers and customers that believe in the growing significance of ‘local for local’. PPE’s has the ambition to become leading experts in different international production regions, while working together to accelerate sustainability. This partnership is a first step towards building a network of Plantify Partners in Europe.

Royal Lemkes and Floréac will continue to operate independently and retain their own separate identities and market positions. The two companies state that they have a high degree of complementarity.

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