Royal Brinkman launches HortiHygienz

‘s-GRAVENZANDE, Netherlands: Royal Brinkman last month launched a new hygiene concept at the IPM trade fair in Essen, Germany. The HortiHygienz hygiene concept is a revolution in the field of hygiene and disinfection in the (glass) horticulture sector.

HortiHygienz is a new advanced concept that ensures hygiene on three levels in the horticultural business:

  1. Applications: Which techniques and systems ensure the correct application of your detergents and disinfectants?
  2. Products: Which detergents and disinfectants are needed for your application?
  3. Knowledge: We provide customized advice about your situation, both on location and online.

HortiHygienz can be used worldwide as a total concept. Advice and products are tailored to the risks, customer requirements and local circumstances, anywhere in the world.

With HortiHygienz, says Royal Brinkman, the company fulfils a clear need in the horticultural sector to take hygiene to a future-proof level.

Visit for more information.

Picture: The new HortiHygienz concept from the team hygiene & disinfection of Royal Brinkman, left to right Jan Willem Keijzer, Jasper Verhoeven and Nanne Bentvelzen.



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