Royal Brinkman expands into Russia

‘s-GRAVENZANDE, Netherlands: Dutch-based horticultural wholesale supplier Royal Brinkman is opening a branch in Moscow as part of a high-profile internationalisation strategy to tap new  pools of Russian flower, fruit and vegetable growers seeking biological pest and disease control products, fertilisers, plant health promoters and bio-stimulants, watering tools, films, protective fabrics, irrigation and watering systems and grafting materials.

Royal Brinkman has been active in Russia for many years from its head office in ‘s-Gravenzande, the Netherlands. With three Russian-speaking colleagues, sales to Russia have grown considerably in the past three years. The wide range of products is well-displayed on the Russian website of Royal Brinkman.

In Russia, there is a growing demand for products, says Brinkman. However, due to import regulations, delivery was not always possible; customers were not always willing or able to import themselves. With the establishment of Royal Brinkman in Moscow, the supply to both Russia and the former Soviet countries is simplified.

Jan Schuttrups, Director International of Royal Brinkman: “Russian horticulture is growing rapidly and there is a growing demand for knowledge and specialism. We already have short lines of communication with growers in Russia, but in order to build good long-term relationships, it is important to have a local presence.

The first step is to set up an office. In the next phase, employees and stock will also become available in Russia. In the coming years, the local sales and specialist team will be expanded to be able to visit growers more frequently and provide them with advice. A team of Royal Brinkman specialists in various fields (crop care, crop rotation, crop protection and disinfection, packaging and design, mechanisation, technical projects (irrigation and climate control) are already available to Russian growers. Several manufacturers have already applied to work with Royal Brinkman to serve the growers in Russia.

Photo: Team Russia Royal Brinkman:  left to right Kateryna Volianska, Jan Schuttrups, Gijs Baake, Ep van den Brink and Daria Noda.

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