Roses steal the show at Warsaw’s Royal Castle

WARSAW, Poland: Over 50.000 visitors were treated to sumptuous and dazzlingly colourful displays of roses, stealing the show in the majestic Kubicki Arcades of Warsaw’s Royal Castle. The floral extravaganza included over 140 rose varieties.

The last exhibition of cut roses, organised by Polish Rose Society, took place in Warsaw in 1999. After two decades roses were shown again during the Royal Rose Exhibition which took place on May 11-13th, 2019 in the Royal Castle Arcades.

Over fifty thousand guests admired beauty of roses from all over the world (mainly: the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Italy, Ecuador, Kenya and Poland). Over 140 varieties in all kind of colours, shapes and sizes together inspired the visitors. Special attention was given to fragrant varieties.

Avalanche+® rose was the star of the show, standing out with its large flower head and high petal count.

Arrangements were prepared by over 30 florists from Malgorzata Niska floristic school under the guidance of floral master Zygmunt Sieradzan. All together there were around 20.000 roses and 18 exhibitors.

On the occasion of the Royal Rose Exhibition and Opening of the Royal Castle Gardens there was a vernissage which offered guests some surprises. Everybody was greeted by two beautiful Bouquet Ladies in specially designed Avalanche+® dresses. Later during the evening there was a special show of the Polish Debutantes in Avalanche+® dresses, inspired by the colors and beauty of the Avalanche+® roses.

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands in Poland and the Royal Castle in Warsaw were the main organizers of the exhibition. FLORINT, the International Florist Organization had the honorable patronage over it. Other patrons were:  Flower Expo Poland, The Zamoyski Museum in Kozłówka, Polish Rose Breeders Association, and the Polish Rose Association.  Strategic partners were:  Avalanche+®, Bart Kwiaty and  SIGMA International (Poland).

To promote the exhibition a special website has been created: It is meant to be an information platform on roses. All the information about the exhibitors and the rose varieties presented at the exhibition are loaded on it, together with some interesting rose information and care and handle tips.

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