Roses Forever’s debut at FlowerTrials was just like his owner: generous and brimming with exuberance

Rosa Eskelund’s FlowerTrials debut was just like her: generous and brimming with exuberance. Eskelund exhibited at MNP Flowers in Leimuiderbrug, close to Schiphol airport, Amsterdam and the coinciding GreenTech trade exhibition. Capturing a fair share of attention were large-flowered Infinity miniature roses, finger-licking gourmet roses, Plant’n’cut DIY kits and roses that bloom like crazy.

The complete family of Infinity miniature roses took centre stage at the Roses Forever exhibit. The line includes potted roses with extra-large flowers, extra-long shelf life and now available in white (Infinity White), soft pink (Infinity Princess), pink (Pink Infinity) two toned pink and bourbon shaped (Infinity Evergreen), orange (Jinfinity) and red (King of Infinity).

Roses Forever also put on show Gourmet Roses. Eskelund said that over the past five years the company has invested vast amounts of time and money into researching the best species for culinary use. Small-scale production of Gourmet Roses were setup at two horticultural operations. In Denmark, a specialty grower of salad and fresh herbs added Eskelund’s edible roses to the product range using his existing partnerships with chefs, caterers and wholesale markets. Eskelund explained that Danish grown Gourmet Roses are handpicked, meticulously packed and ready to be used as an ingredient or simply a garnish. The roses are grown in pots and part of the crop is sold as potted miniature roses when they rebloom. In Holland, Rodewijk Roses from Valkenburg, a company which has earned a name in dyed Vendela roses, grows a selection of gourmet roses in a separate greenhouse section and sells them to caterers and restaurants.

Traditionally, Damask roses are the best culinary roses. In the Middle East this rose species is used to make rose water. But as Damask roses aren’t well-suited for greenhouse production Eskelund created a specialty line of roses that grow on their own roots. Gourmet Roses are available in eight different colours and the rose buds have a long shelf life when cold-stored.

Eskelund also pointed to the I am Different® line including miniature roses with extraordinary, somewhat crazy flower shapes. Rose lovers who prefer to purchase unique roses, outside the big boxes, can now spoil themselves with this new series which will only be grown in limited numbers.

Also very prominently displayed was the merchandising concept Plant’n’cut® , which was developed for hobbyists who would like to grow their own bouquet roses. With her keen eye for beauty, Eskelund selected varieties with Bourbon-shaped flowers. So far the brand includes two cultivars: ‘With Heart and Soul’ and ‘Tender’ featuring pink petals with an apricot centre and pink flowers with shades of green respectively.

The set comes with a bare-rooted rose and includes care instructions. Eskelund believes the Plant’n’cut kit has huge potential as it is the perfect answer to the trend of home-grown flowers. Eskelund: “Rose gardening is a rewarding experience, little can replicate the satisfaction brought on by the beauty of roses that you grew yourself.”

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