River Flowers names new Chrysanthemum after Royal FloraHolland auctioneer Fabienne Rood

One of the latest breeding breakthroughs in Chrysanthemums premiered at the world’s largest flower auction Royal FloraHolland this week. The new spray variety ‘Fabienne’ is a creation of the Dutch masters in Chrysanthemum breeding Royal Van Zanten and grown exclusively by River Flowers in Zaltbommel, Netherlands.

Featuring pale pink blooms that gracefully arise above dark green foliage, long-lasting Chrysanthemum ‘Fabienne is named after Royal FloraHolland’s auctioneer Fabienne Rood, who spotted the stunningly elegant flower while attending a flower trial at Royal Van Zanten. Rood has a long-lasting love affair with Chrysanthemums, which were long among the ornamentals she auctioned off on behalf of the growers.

The new cultivar will be available (under VBN code 128186) starting from week 18, with an expected year-round supply of 25,000 stems per week.

The commercial greenhouse production of ‘Fabienne’ is in trusted hands as Chrysanthemum grower Peter van Werken from Zaltbommel, Netherlands, has 30 years of experience in Chrysanthemum growing. His River Flowers nursery spans 7ha and has become a household name in Chrysanthemums with the varieties ‘Haydar’, ‘Chic’ and ‘Haydar Pink’ occupying pride of place.


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