Rijnsburg Flower Parade

RIJNSBURG, the Netherlands: Huge crowds who will watch over 250,000 flowers on floats and cars. Dancing and singing actors on every floral float. Add to this the marching and brass bands on the musical vehicles, and the conclusion is a vibrant Flower Parade Rijnsburg 2018 (August 9-11, 2018).

This year, the ‘Around the World’ theme will provide decorating inspiration for 12 floats that will roll from Rijnsburg through Katwijk to Noordwijk on Saturday August 11, 2018.

Celebrations will begin on the night before when people are offered a sneak preview during the Flower Parade Show at Royal FloraHolland Rijnsburg.

Now in its 73rd year, Flower Parade Rijnsburg ranks among the country’s oldest floral events.

For more information please visit www.rijnsburgscorso.nl

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