Richard van Schie and Floritec welcome the long-awaited new addition to the Maverick family

This week, Dutch-based Santini grower Richard van Schie and Chrysanthemum breeder and propagator Floritec have welcomed a new addition to the Maverick family, a range of world-class Santinis.

White and yellow are the world’s best-selling Chrysanthemum colours. Through Santini Maverick Sunny and Santini Maverick White, they are well-represented in one of Floritec’s newest Santini series Maverick, which debuted last year.

The news of the moment is Santini Maverick Orange. Maverick Orange is unique in that it features pompon-shaped, tangerine blooms and a fresh green/yellowish core. Though the Maverick series is relatively new, it already holds prestige and value in the world chrysanthemum market. All three members of the Maverick family stand out for their sturdy stems and excellent shelf life.

The production of ‘Maverick Orange’ is in trusted hands as Santini grower Richard van Schie from Monster, Netherlands, has many years of experience in Chrysanthemum growing. The GlobalGAP-certified Chrysanthemum nursery spans 3ha and produces around 14 million stems per year. Van Schie says the latest newcomer in the Maverick family perfectly matches the growing market demand for quality Santinis.

Santini Maverick Orange is available at the auctions in Rijnsburg, Naaldwijk and Aalsmeer. Van Schie anticipates a weekly supply of 5,000 stems.

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