RHP explains certification scheme for growing media in 4 minutes

WESTLAND, Netherlands, 7 December 2020: RHP, the Dutch certification scheme for substrates and raw materials uses a 4 minute video to explain its RHP quality mark in an easy way.

The RHP quality mark for substrates is issued by the Stichting RHP (RHP Foundation), the leading centre of expertise on substrates and soil-improving materials in Europe, and is granted to producers and importers of and traders in peat products, raw materials, potting soil mixtures and substrates. The RHP quality mark was developed by the RHP Foundation to guarantee the products’ quality throughout the entire production chain, from extraction from their source to processing by the buyer. The quality mark guarantees certainty, safety and quality.

In the video RHP explains why RHP-certified growing media are so important and highlights the role in plays in the global growing media industry.

The RHP quality mark is considered the world’s most stringent quality standard for the growing media industry, also phytosanitary. The RHP quality mark requires full control of production processes in order to effectively exclude possible contamination in the supply chain. This unique quality control system offers growers the – most as possible – security that the growing media are clean.

RHP-certified products are produced by national and international leading substrate companies that have set up their production processes in accordance with the RHP standards. For plants and crops, the substrate in which they are grown is a major factor in their health. One way to contribute to the prevention of plant diseases and pests which affect (ornamental) crops, is to start the culture with clean, RHP-certified substrate.

The video is available for sharing and embedding from RHP’s YouTube channel.

Watch it here

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