Research facility in Taiwan nears final stages of construction

AALSMEER, Netherlands: Dutch-based greenhouse constructor Bosman Van Zaal, working with Westlandse Project Combinatie, have spent the last six months providing a complete turnkey laboratory construction solution for CH Biotech in Nantou, Taiwan.

CH Biotech develops and innovates agrochemical products to meet the challenges of climate change and a growing world population. With a strong line of crop and environmentally friendly products, they strive to make a difference in crop yields, food safety and sustainability in agriculture.

Bosman Van Zaal established a research centre where plant genes and environmentally friendly, active ingredients (AI) are arranged. The result is  products such as plant growth regulators, growth-promoting agents and powerful fertilisers that are more efficient and effective.

The construction contract was signed one year ago after which Bosman Van Zaal began building  two Venlo-type greenhouses. The earthquake-resistant glasshouse structure is painted white and fitted with special glass to cater for optimal air flow and light distribution.

In addition, the greenhouse is equipped with Bosman Van Zaal’s own water, electricity, climate and cultivation systems, including ebb and flow benches, silos, fog systems, pad & fan and drip irrigation, LED lighting, vapor and UV resistant insulation, electric heaters and double ventilation air coolers. A Hoogendoorn climate computer offers complete control and insight into crop conditions.

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