Record attendance confirmed for Keukenhof

LISSE, Netherlands:  Keukenhof has reached a new record with 1.5 million visitors in 2019. Visitors from around the world enjoyed the event and awarded it a 9.

The most beautiful spring garden in the world is proud of the results. 2019 is the 6th consecutive year that Keukenhof has attracted more than 1 million visitors. The beautiful, relatively cool spring enabled the flowers to bloom for the complete 8 weeks. The large number of visitors is the result of the publicity around the Flower Power theme and the increasing popularity of Keukenhof by Americans, Germans and French.

The average age of the visitors was comparable to last year. More Dutch families have visited Keukenhof this year mainly because of all the new events and extra children’s activities.

Visitors came from 100 countries. Most of them originated from the Netherlands (20%), followed by Germany, America, France, the UK and China. The number of Chinese visitors has decreased slightly.

The busy Easter weekend led to heavy traffic at and around Keukenhof. Improvements will be worked on over the coming period in conjunction with the responsible authorities.

Increasing numbers of visitors are opting for public transport to Keukenhof. Over 300,000 Keukenhof visitors used the Keukenhof Express this year. New boarding locations for this direct bus service were added in Amsterdam RAI and Hoofddorp augmenting the existing stops at Schiphol and in Leiden.

The Keukenhof theme for 2020 is ‘A World of Colours’. Well over a million people from every country and culture meet at Keukenhof to enjoy the spectacular Dutch flowers.

In 2020, Keukenhof will be open from 21 March – 10 May.

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