Queen of Climbers returns to prominence in China

China-based Hongyue Horticulture Co. Ltd.  has announced a new partnership with Raymond Evison Clematis, making Hongyue the dedicated licensee holder and producer of Evison Clematis. The Raymond Evison Clematis are popular for their free flowering nature and especially for their compact growth habit which make them perfectly suited for relatively small gardens in China.

Hongyue Horticulture Co. Ltd. from Golden Garden, Chang an Haining, Zhejiang province of China and Raymond Evison Clematis, of Guernsey, Channel Islands, Great Britain, inked the partnership deal in January 2019.

Hongyue Horticulture Co. Ltd. is authorised to use the Raymond Evison Clematis brand name exclusively in their online sales of Clematis throughout China, on both a B2B and B2C level.  Hongyue Flower Co. Ltd. will also sell Raymond Evison branded Clematis at its garden centres. In addition, Raymond Evison Clematis will, at times, offer new Clematis varieties as exclusive varieties to Hongyue for online and offline sales.

This cooperation means that the Hongyue Horticulture Co. Ltd. will obtain more extensive sales rights of Raymond Evison Clematis and domestic gardening amateurs will have a greater opportunity for purchasing excellent Clematis varieties. In addition, this cooperation protects the hard work of breeders’ intellectual property rights and promotes the standardisation and order of the domestic Clematis market.

Until now, more than 100 Clematis varieties have been bred and introduced by Raymond Evison OBE and he has continually won Gold Medals at The Chelsea Flower Show over the years. Furthermore, he was made an Officer of the Order of The British Empire by Her Majesty The Queen in 2000 for Services to Horticulture in Guernsey. He is a Vice President of The Royal Horticulture Society and was awarded its Victoria Medal of Honour in 1995 for Outstanding Services to British Horticulture. Only 63 people can hold this prestigious honour at one time .

There is no doubt The Guernsey Clematis Nursery Ltd. and Raymond Evison Clematis (which he established) are one of the most famous clematis breeding and production nurseries in the world.

The relationship between Raymond Evison OBE and the Hongyue Horticulture Co. Ltd. is an enduring one. Hongyue Horticulture Co. Ltd. Started marketing Raymond Evison Clematis varieties very early on, and his clematis variety ‘Bijou’ won the Gold Medal at the World Garden Show in 2018 which was held by the Hongyue Horticulture Co.Ltd. Mr. Evison says, “We are proud and most delighted to have come to this agreement with The Hongyue Horticulture Corporation Ltd. They will represent our company throughout China for mail order and internet sales of our branded Clematis. We recognise that Hongyue are a leader in the horticulture world in China and we look forward to developing this fast growing market with them.”

The chairman of the Hongyue Horticulture Co. Ltd. Mr Jiang Deshen looks expectantly towards this cooperation with Raymond Evison Clematis and says, “We are delighted to reach a strategic cooperation with the best clematis breeding and production nursery in the world and promote the vine, the Queen of Climbers which originated in China, together! This cooperation will have more Chinese families experienced the stunning beauty created by clematis growing in small spaces. We believe that the cooperation between these Chinese and British horticulture enterprises will bring new atmosphere to the domestic horticultural market and further promote the rapid growth of the horticultural market!”

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