Previous Horticultural Expo host cities have benefitted from an average direct economic impact of over €500m

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DIDCOT, UK: Hosting an AIPH International Horticultural Expo can have a major economic impact on a city. Previous Expo host cities have benefitted from an average direct economic impact of over €500m. The AIPH Virtual Expo Conference on 16 March presents an excellent opportunity to learn more about hosting or being involved with these major international events. Registration is open at 

The online conference provides a platform for delegates to network with expo organisers, city representatives interested in hosting an expo, urban developers,  AIPH members, NGOs, international cities, environmental organisations, and suppliers to major events.

Every Expo is carefully regulated, steered, and monitored by AIPH. Blooming Economies & Cities to inspire the world is an independent paper studying the direct economic impact of hosting International Horticultural Expos. It reports that people and organisations living and working in the host city gain indirect positive benefits. New jobs, more workforce skills, revenues from infrastructure use, increased land cost and boosting investments – all these positive impacts create a dynamic economic legacy long after the Expo.

International Horticultural Expos showcase beauty and creativity. They create a magnificent Expo park and last up to six months. AIPH-approved Expos attract many international participants, who build their pavilions and gardens, and many millions of visitors, who might not have come to the region otherwise. Their experience increases the likelihood of visiting again in the future and recommending the destination to others.

Sustainability is an integral element of AIPH Horticultural Expos and part of AIPH philosophy. Expo planning and preparation require the Expo organiser to think of the Expo legacy and find sustainable solutions to use the Expo park further. Large-scale AIPH horticultural Expos naturally draw investment into new infrastructure, which becomes a permanent addition to the city and improves residents’ quality of life.

The period from now until 2027 includes AIPH approved expos in China, Turkey, Qatar, the Netherlands, South Korea, and Japan. Organisers of these events will be submitting their progress reports on 16 March at the conference.

AIPH is very grateful to Gold Sponsors for the conference – IGMPR and PERA Event, and its event and media partners.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of hosting an International Horticultural Expo, please contact AIPH. The International Association of Horticultural Producers would also welcome discussions with suppliers at major events to explain the AIPH Preferred Partner programme and how your business can benefit.

Registration for the conference is free of charge. To book your place for the AIPH Expo Conference on 16 March, visit

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