Presidential recognition for rose farm Зелёный дом (Green House Ltd)

Author: Ron van der Ploeg

SUPS, Russia: Russian President Vladimir Putin visited rose farm Зелёный дом (Green House Ltd) on 23 December 2019. The rose nursery is among Russia’s most significant greenhouse complexes dedicated to the production of cut flowers.

It was surely no coincidence that Putin visited the company while in the Adygea Republic for a ‘working visit’. Established in 2010, Green House Ltd boasts state-of-the art greenhouse technology and specialises in the large scale production of more than 20 varieties of cut roses,  created by renowned rose breeders from the Netherlands, France and Germany.

The company’ managing director Evgenia Babicheva explained to President Putin why her roses enjoy such high demand in Moscow, Saratov, Rostov, the Orenburg regions, Tatarstan, as well as the Stavropol and Krasnodar territories. Afterwards, Putin toured the company’s greenhouses and processing areas to see first-hand some of the work that goes into growing premium quality roses.

The President was full of praise for the company’s well-planned and highly automated production and wished the management and staff every success with the future expansion of the company.

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