Prepping for the 31st International Horticultural Congress in Angers, France

ANGERS, France: Anticipation is building with the International Horticultural Congress only a few days away.

IHC2022, is the 31st International Horticultural Congress  that will take place between 14-20 August 2022 in Angers, France. An international symposium on innovations in ornamental plant breeding is on the agenda for 17 and 18 August with keynote speakers as Andrea Mansuino (Ciopora/NIRP), Ellen de Keyser (ILVO), Lieven Van de Vondel (Ghent University), Jens Wegner (CPVO), Charley Hall, and FCI’s contributing writer Marta Pizano.

Dr François Laurens, chairman of IHC2022 says, “Our planet calls for change. The Covid-19 crisis and the increasing climate hazards have evidenced how vulnerable our world civilization is, and made us understand that business as usual is no longer possible. Carbon emissions, energy savings, biodiversity protection, better use of resources, are cardinal rules for ensuring tomorrow’s future.

“We all know what horticulture shall bring in to take up the challenge. Improving food quality (nutrition and safety), reducing chemical fertilisers and pesticides, developing resilience to climate change enhancing natural resistance to diseases and increasing sustainable food systems for health and wealth: Horticulture has the deep power to settle new ways of producing and consuming. Which is why IHC2022 theme is ‘Horticulture for a world in transition’.”

The event organiser is prepping an unprecedented IHC2022 in a hybrid version, which will focus on three priorities:

1) to host an outstanding scientific event,

2) to reinforce the links between research, education and industry, and

3) to enhance the links between Southern and Northern countries.

France is a major horticultural country in Europe, and Angers, located along the Loire Valley, in a mild climate, benefits from the largest concentration of actors in the French plant sector: research labs, experimental centres, higher education institutions, farms and industries. During their stay, industry professionals from around the world will have the possibility to visit these sites and to meet with their French counterparts..

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