PÖPPELMANN blue®: 4-level classification makes recycling categories transparent


LOHNE, Germany:  At the IPM 2020 in Essen, Pöppelmann TEKU® will demonstrate the reliability of its recyclable plant pots. The 4-level classification provides information on the exact origin and proportion of the material used and gives an overview of the recyclability of the items.

Recycled plastic is in nearly every plant pot supplied by Pöppelmann TEKU®. The new TEKU® 4-level classification now provides even more transparency: It now shows the different categories in terms of product content, the origin of the material and recyclability. In pots of the 1st level – Circular360 – TEKU® has already fully closed the material cycle from production to use and disposal right through to recycling. The post-consumer recycling plastic (PCR) used originates 100 per cent from household collections of recyclable materials. Products of the 2nd level – PCR Recyclable – are 100 per cent recyclable. Their PCR plastic originates both from household plastic waste and from other suitable disposed plastic products, such as garden furniture. “Recyclable” refers to the products of the 3rd level. The manufacture of these products from PCR, post-industrial recycling (PIR) material and virgin material. They are one hundred per cent recyclable. The 4th level – Black – comprises products made of PIR and natural material. Moreover, products in this category are not recyclable. This development of a 4-level classification is part of the PÖPPELMANN blue® initiative, with which the plastics specialist is committed to a closed material cycle throughout the company.

Pöppelmann TEKU® at the IPM Essen/Germany 2020: Hall 2, Booth 2D.31.

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