BOSKOOP, the Netherlands: Traditionally,  at the end of august it is Plantarium time, the leading international tree nursery trade fair. This year Van der Salm Boskoop, De Fruithof, Waterplantenkwekerij R. Moerings en Van Son & Koot will join forces and will have one exhibit. Four growers who sell an alphabet of plants, from acer to lavender and from nymphaea to prunus.  An important hotspot for every visitor!

The four growers think it is crucial to co-operate, especially on a trade fair like Plantarium. There are many advantages to work together, for example the marketing expenses and other costs can be shared. Pieter Heemskerk (van der Salm Boskoop) states that the four growers are much stronger as a group: “Together we have the X-factor!”

This ‘green’ collaboration could also be very appealing to the Plantarium visitor with limited time. In an informal setting it is possible to quickly see and experience the wide assortment and all the novelties from these four growers. Sebastiaan vd Heijden (Van Son & Koot): “ The beauty in having a joint trade fair exhibit is that is fairly easy to share knowledge and strengths. Together we have a beautiful assortment that compliments each other!”  Monique Hazen (de Fruithof) agrees with  Sebastiaan:  “By working together it is much easier to connect with colleagues and with possible business partners. Together we are stronger and have a much bigger scope!”

Jan van Walsem (Waterplantenkwekerij R. Moerings) considers one exhibit at Plantarium as something almost obvious: “The last few years have shown that this concept works very well, we are very happy and it is an excellent opportunity to talk to colleagues.”

The exhibit can be found at nr 44-47.

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