Plant Patrol®

HOUTEN, the Netherlands: Plant Patrol® is a new organisation in the nursery sector that performs independent audits upon request of, for example, royalty management agencies or breeders. Also for those who wish to know what kind of company their future partner is, Plant Patrol® can be of help.

With a Plant Patrol®-audit, a company is assessed on basis of a questionnaire. Aspects that are taken into account are business management and royalty administration. Apart from a complete audit, a count on the product can be performed to check whether the royalty declaration of a licensee is done correctly. A check on labelling regarding correct use of name and plant protection number is also a possibility. For each audit, Plant Patrol® will agree with the client on the purpose of the audit and which aspects should be included in the report.

Initiator of Plant Patrol® is Diantha Slingerland. She grew up as a growers’ daughter and has been working in the sector for many years now. In addition, she has gained a lot of experience in carrying out audits in the food sector. She would like to take this experience into account when carrying out the audits for Plant Patrol®. The starting point for the audits is always to come to a clear report in good consultation with both parties – client and auditee. On the basis of the report, the client gets a good picture of the company and the auditee can further professionalise on the basis of possible improvement points.

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