Plant Empowerment Conference makes successful debut in Querétaro, Mexico

QUERETARO, Mexico: Plant Empowerment (GPE), a joint initiative of biocontrols supplier Koppert, greenhouse automation supplier Hoogendoorn/, energy screen supplier Svensson and substrate specialist Cultilene, is a new and ground-breaking conference, designed to bring together growers across specialty crops and unite them with the latest comprehensive knowledge. The event made a successful debut in the Mexican city of Querétaro last week.

Over 135 growers based across the country gathered to hear keynote speakers explain  the principles of  Growing by Plant Empowerment (GPE) , based on optimising cultivation by creating plant vigour.

GPE is an integrated approach that combines experiences and knowledge about growing processes in greenhouses, that spring from the natural behaviour of plants related to the greenhouse environment. This is described by six plant and greenhouse balances, with regard to: water, assimilates, CO2 and energy. Monitoring these balances utilising sensors, combined with crop measurements in a coherent framework based on physical and plant physiological knowledge and insights, provides the hard facts required to control and improve the cultivation process. This is also called ‘Data Driven Growing’.

The principles of GPE are applicable for any type of greenhouse and in any climate zone, because the Plant Empowerment book is written and built-up from the grassroots.

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