Philippe Lamy, the Father of France’s leading floral design school La Piverdie dies at 73

AUBIGNE-SUR-LAYON, France: Philippe Lamy, former director of France’s leading floral design school La Piverdie passed away on 14 August after a long illness. Lamy was a familiar face to different generations of French and international florists. He will be remembered for his dedication to international floral design after crossing the globe to promote his school and the floral design show with the same name in countries such as South Korea and Japan.

Lamy was director of La Piverdie floral design school between 1973-2012. He spent most of his working life in floral design and was one of the founders of the international Piverdie network which saw the opening of Piverdie floral design schools in Macau, Hong Kong, Chinese Taipei, Japan and South Korea.

Lamy was also one of the driving forces behind the Piverdie Floral Fashion Design show in Brissac in royalty style.

Every year, the magnificent setting of Brissac Castle, which is located near Angers, (Loire Valley) provides the most spectacular backdrop for one of the country’s most important floral Rendez-Vous. Packed with ideas on how to make the most of your own bouquet or floral arrangement, the show combines speciality flowers and creativity. Next year, the Piverdie floral fashion design show will be held between 8 until 11 April 2022.

Over the past few years, Lamy had developed strong ties with the Duke and Duchess of Brissac, the present inhabitants of Brissac Castle, with seven floors the tallest castle in the country. It has been a long journey from the first modest contest in 2005 to the present international gathering which prestigiously ranks among France’s top flower shows in springtime.

Visiting the event in the village of Brissac Quince, a little village just south of Angers located in the Maine Loire area means enjoying an unforgettable flower experience. The 28ha estate includes forests, vineyards and a castle park. Inside, the lavishly decorated drawing rooms provide an intimate atmosphere that makes Brissac, unlike any other show.

The news about Philippe Lamay’s passing was first published in France’s horticultural media outlet JAF Info, adapted and expanded by FCI.

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