PB tec acquires Powerplants Australia

MAASDIJK, Netherlands: On November 22nd, 2019, PB tec acquired all shares of Powerplants Australia through its subsidiary, PB tec Australia. The acquisition is the next logical step in the strategic cooperation between the two companies, which had been agreed upon earlier this year. The acquisition marks an important development for the horticultural sector in the Southeast Asia and Australia-Pacific markets (APAC).

PB tec’s Koen Brabander is extremely satisfied with this latest agreement; “A larger share in the APAC region is important for our company. The acquisition of Powerplants Australia is a crucial step in this regard. The technological developments specifically tailored to this region and the networks that Powerplants Australia has built up in the last 25 years are a welcome addition to our own knowledge about water, electricity and automation. The acquisition offers a unique opportunity for us to further support the Horticultural sector in Australia and to make a sustainable contribution to a clean food supply chain for more communities around the world.”

The local presence of PB tec in Australia is not only an important step towards faster and better service. Koen Brabander: “With this acquisition, we can compete even more efficiently in the market, with regards to technology for example. We’ll be able to offer better electrical engineering, water systems, lighting and automation solutions for horticultural companies. In addition, this is also a major step in terms of our understanding of Australian regulations and standards. This makes our business operations there even more efficient and effective. All of these factors will help us further improve the quality of sustainably produced food, which is ultimately our primary goal.”

Powerplants Australia’s founder and CEO, Carl van Loon, also welcomed the acquisition with enthusiasm. “We initially saw the strategic partnership with PB tec as a big compliment, and now that the acquisition is complete, we’ll be able to focus on implementing larger and more complex horticultural projects. Our employees and contractors are also excited to be part of a much larger company which appreciates their contributions and offers them more opportunities. We’re really looking forward to being able to continue to serve the horticultural sector in the Australia-Pacific region in a much larger way now. Powerplants is still here to serve our customers as before, but now we have extra knowledge, experience and strength behind us.” The company will continue to be managed and operated by the existing Powerplants Team.

Powerplants Australia, the Australian leader in horticultural technology, based in Melbourne, recently won the Casey Cardinia Business Award for manufacturing and is known for its excellent customer service in all states of Australia. PB tec from Maasdijk in the Netherlands is one of the world’s largest companies when it comes to providing innovative horticultural solutions around the world. PB tec has offices in the Netherlands, Canada, the United States and Australia.

Pictured left to right are Carl van Loon (Powerplants Australia), Richard Schmit (PB tec) and Koen Brabander (PB tec).

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